Chemical Disclaimer

Easiwash are fuly satisfied that the chemicals we use are of a premier standard and quality that have been proven both domestically and commercially and they are also friendly to the enviroment.

Easiwash accepts no liability for chemical damage done to any vehicle's paintwork which includes dulling, wax, lacquer and paint removal.

Easiwash Disclaimer

Please be aware that before the washing cycle and prior to your vehicle being cleaned, previously sustained damage may be hidden and might only become visible following the washing process. If your car has recently undergone spray painting or has been in a vehicle body shop then please let one of our staff know. Easiwash takes all the safety measures and is fully satisfied with the efficiency and performances of our operators, products and services. Easiwash accepts no liability for any damage sustained to any vehicle prior, during or following the washing operation


If you are not fullly satisfied with our services then please tell our head office on 01324 711 999. If you are, then tell someone else.


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